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16 . 10/05 . libra . she/they . istp . ravenclaw . agnostic atheist . canadian-vietnamese

hello! my name's vera and i'm made up of stardust and salt. if you knew me by different aliases, i prefer to be called vera, please. i like sarcastic space boys and a multitude of fake people that will never be smoochable, so i write about smooching them instead.
i'm super multifandom so feel free to yell with me about anything through any of the social media listed below !

- E-Mail:
- Quotev
- Lunaescence
- Archive of Our Own
- Tumblr
- Twitter - Writing Prompt Twitter
- kik: deltachye
- snapchat/skype: friends only

main fandoms:
- haikyuu, bungou stray dogs, fullmetal alchemist, blue exorcist
- percy jackson+olympians, harry potter, artemis fowl, the martian
- htgawm, bones, stranger things, sherlock bbc, riverdale, daredevil
- mystic messenger, ace attorney, zero escape
- funhaus, dan+phil
full interests list

i've written for:
- haikyuu, yuri on ice, kuroko no basuke, fullmetal alchemist, hetalia, bleach, psycho-pass, zankyou no terror, shingeki no kyojin, free, samurai champloo, joker game, bungou stray dogs
- ace attorney, mystic messenger, the world ends with you, zero escape, blind griffin, samurai ballad love, pokemon go, my forged wedding
- voltron, bones, white collar, jurassic world, supernatural, sherlock, riverdale, inception, star trek
- hunger games, the martian, maze runner
∆chye's Fic Masterlist/Navigation

self-indulgent doki list:
- mark watney (the martian)
- atsumu miya  , wakatoshi ushijima , tooru oikawa , tetsurou kuroo (hq)
- doppo kunikida (bsd)
- peter quill (gotg)
- takashi shirogane , keith kogane (vld)
- sherlock holmes (sherlock)
- matt murdock (daredevil)
if you ever want to write me anything ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) list

- update?: don't ask me to; i update when i can or want to.
- sequel?: i never make sequels. if there is a spinoff, it will be clearly linked before the "prequel's"
- is this cancelled?: i state if it's cancelled in the description.

Gender: Female
Beta-reader: No
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