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Reviewer: DivineSpiritual Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/24/15 10:34 pm Title: Monday

This is by far my favorite Phoenix/reader story ever. Like hands down. You give the reader a great personality, like she's tough but deep down she has a heart of gold. And how you write Phoenix makes me swoon. CX you did such an awesome job. I really hope you will write more Phoenix/reader stories because this one was just so good. I keep rereading it because it's such a good story. Thank you so much for this!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I love your review, so thank you for giving me your feedback!
I'll be sure to keep Phoenix in mind next time I get an idea ;)

Reviewer: Kotori Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 03/05/15 02:41 pm Title: Monday

Whelp! I don't know what to say to that since all I can think of is "MORE!!!! More please whenever you can." @ u @!!!!!

Author's Response: *bows* Right away! I've got them all finished, so I'm releasing them when I feel the time is right ;)

Reviewer: SHSL Fangirl Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/21/15 03:26 am Title: Thursday

Oh crap, I realised I forgot to review this chapter before now!!! T_T

It was more than satisfactory, my lovely Rhye~ So far, it's actually my favourite chapter!!! (I haven't read the one you just posted yet--I'll do that after I finish this review, then leave you another review because you deserve all the reviews you can get)

Yay for even more UST and awkwardness!! And so many feels!! They're really starting to feel like the cutest little family~ < 333

Aside from the amazing emotional impact, you get bonus points for mentioning Charley, pins and needles ('cause I get that insanely often, mostly in my feet), the adorably angsty kiss scene, the whole work/feelings internal conflict you have going, and...this line: "Ladies and gentlemen and everybody in between!" So. Hilarious. XD

Author's Response: It's okay, at least you reviewed!
You're so sweet, ily ;u;,
Wait till Apollo and Athena come along. Then it's a gigantic family filled with love~
Ahh, I'm so happy you picked up on the details! I support gender neutrality, so nobody has to confine to 'female' or 'male'! I look forward to your next review!

Reviewer: Kotori Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 01/09/15 09:00 pm Title: Monday

This isn't much of a review but more of ..."YESSSS I REALLY LIKE READING THIS CANT WAIT TO SEE MORE OF IT AS IT COMES" sort of thing. But yes, this is awesome and will be here waiting for the future chapters to come =3 Keep up the awesome.

Author's Response: Haha, this review still makes me smile. I'll be updating soon, so consider your wish granted~

Reviewer: trinidemgirl Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/05/15 07:03 pm Title: Monday

I'm so pumped! Can't wait to read the next chapter, so lucky is already uploaded.

So hard to say no when you own his that much and little Trucy.

Author's Response: I try to incorporate that feeling of sheer guilt into my words, so I'm glad you felt it. Trucy is super cute, too. Thank you for the review!

Reviewer: SHSL Fangirl Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/03/15 07:08 pm Title: Tuesday

Ohhhhhh, that was so cute and hilarious!!!

You're a bit too young for sex ed, Trucy... Wonder where you learned that, hm? *giggles while imagining the possibilities*

So much adorable Phoenix here, and he would totally blush after seeing that photo, the cutie~ The emotional connection is amazing, too!!!

I rate this 10/5 for amazingness!!! If exclamation marks measure how much I love this...


Author's Response: Oohhh, you're even cuter~ <3
If something smells, it's probably the Butz. ;)
I had to add in his original personality~ Hobo!Feen was just super stiff in the game, but I think he'd show his true colours after a while.
!!!! to the power of a million! ILY more!

Reviewer: Miss Reem Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/03/15 11:16 am Title: Monday

I really like the premise of the story. I am really excited with how the plot is going to go. I can imagine it being filled with awkward Phoenix moments and the Reader trying to be serious but amused by everything.

I really like how you balance both the Reader's job from her perspective as well as from the other perspective (like the parents). It gives the reader more depth as a character.

Overall, I am super excited about this story and I just squeal with anything Ace Attorney related. This is making me want to play the games again! xD I can't wait for you next update!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you for the detailed review~! It made me so happy to read it!
I actually had no idea I'd written multiple sides, so your pointing it out made me very impressed that you noticed at all. I'm glad I've created a 3-Dimensional character!
Haha, same. I'm glad to see more AA fans out there!
I'll see you at the next update!

Reviewer: SHSL Fangirl Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/01/15 07:58 pm Title: Monday


This is such a cool idea!! And I love the backstory, and Trucy pulling at the reader's heartstrings, and Phoenix...!!!

I seriously can't wait for the other chapters!!! This is a crap review, but I love it!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Oh, you~ *does the gross Oldbag hand thing*
My entire AA experiences probably revolves around me screaming PHOENIXXXXXXX!!!!!!
Your review is lovely! The more exclamation marks, the more you liked it, haha !!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Liked [Report This]
Date: 01/01/15 06:56 pm Title: Monday


Author's Response: Thanks B^]

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