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Snowy Night by Dishrag M
A little peace to be found in war. (One-shot)(YouLon’qu)
Well apparently I did get snow. Got up this morning for work, and my landlord was talking about shoveling and salting the ramp. Lol
we had a killer storm a few days ago and then snow after that. DX i just want spring
Wow. I got lucky. No snow. Yet.
Meanwhile in Canada, we experience rain that turns into snow in exactly 2 minutes.
There is sunshine is Scotland!! The end is nigh!! *flails*
I'm fine, too. The weather is kind of strange here at the moment. At one point it's sunny and a second later it's raining cats and dogs.
Don't worry. School is important!! I am good. Enjoying the warm weather before it gets cold again :(
LOL, I'm doing great xD How about you guys? Sorry about the late reply, I was kind of busy working on a project
Hi Saya ^^
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This site and our name symbolizes that we are the leaders of our field, taking control of an often obscure title and turning it into a symbol of pride. We may never see our work in print or flying off the shelves, but we know who we are and what we stand for. If you intend to haunt our medium and instill a strong symbol of leadership and fearlessness into a craft that is largely misunderstood and thankless and yet you intend to push forward in spite of the odds, this is the site for you.


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Staff Update
Good morning Spectres!

I've got a quick announcement for you; an update to our Staff has taken place and you all need to be made aware of it.

Due to complications on their end, one of our new Supervisors has been resigned from their position on Staff, and we have hired on RhyeSammich to fill the final fourth position of our Supervisory Staff.

Please ensure you are respectful and polite during her transition period, and throughout her tenure on our Staff. She will be taking a week or so to get acquainted to her new position and during this time we ask that you as members of our Community familiarize yourself with her (come out and say hi if you haven't before!) and don't be surprised when you start to hear from her in the coming weeks via responses to questions or in acceptance/rejection letters.

Thank you for your attention, and welcome aboard Rhye!

--Madame Dreadful on 1 9 Comments
Staff Updates
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Spectres! Dottie here, with some announcements regarding Staff.

We made our final decision in regard to our applicants over the weekend, and last night we announced, somewhat privately, to them what our decision was. After some discussion, we decided to take on four Supervisors, due to the number of applications we received, and also some promotions within existing Staff.

I'd like to take the opportunity now to introduce you to the newest members of your GOtV Staff.


These three ladies will be taking over as our active Supervisory Staff, so please ensure you are respectful and polite not only during their transition period, but throughout their tenure on our Staff. Congratulations are certainly in order, so feel free to extend yours to them!

They will be taking a couple weeks to get their feet under them in regard to their duties, and will be transitioning in slowly by next week, taking over the Submissions queue. During this time, we ask that you as members of our Community familiarize yourself with these new members (come out and say hi to them if you haven't before!) and don't be surprised when you start to hear from them in the coming weeks via responses to questions or in acceptance/rejection letters.

In the event of a mistake, please ensure you are sympathetic to their new status and please be respectful.

With the new additions to the Supervisory staff, there have also been promotions within our ranks. Your Managerial Staff is now as follows:

Dantya Noire

Amber and Bianca have been doing a phenomenal job as Supervisors, keeping the Submissions queue moving swiftly as well as being stellar examples of our Staff in keeping up with the Community. As a result, Felina and I have promoted them to the titles of Manager, and once the new Supervisors adjust to their roles, Amber and Bianca will settle into their new responsibilities as well. Feel free to extend your gratitude and congratulations to them, as their hard work has helped keep us moving forward as we launched GOtV and got us on our way to the growing, thriving Community we have today!

Your gratitude should also extend to Becky, who has one of the longest tenures of any member of Staff. She is constant in her want for the site to succeed and steady in the work she puts forth to ensure we succeed; as a senior Manager she does her share and then some.

Felina and I couldn't be prouder of our Staff as it stands today.

To round out the Staff, your standing two Executives continue to be Felina and myself.

Felina Frenzy
Madame Dreadful

As Executives, Felina and I tackle the final decision on all outstanding suggestions as well as any issues that arise, be that site maintenance or discrepancies with billing or site hosting. We pay for the site, and do what we can to ensure all members, Staff or otherwise, continue to have a safe, enjoyable place to host and read their favorite works by keeping a hands-on, business approach to the day to day operations of Staff, the Community, and the Archive in general.

In the coming weeks, with these new Staff members and positions established, the dead link "The Office" on the Archive will be filled in. Once it is, an announcement will be made. For the time being, this can be considered your reference for knowing who your Staff members are.

Feel free to get in touch with any of us for any questions or concerns you may have!

As of now, we are going to close the Supervisor applications, but as detailed in the thread you can still email your application in, to be reviewed and kept on file for the next available opening.

We are still accepting applications for our Graphic Artist! If you or someone you know would be good for that position, please come out and apply!

You can find a hard copy of this newsletter here: [03/17/2014]

Have a great day, stay green and beware those pinching fingers!

--Madame Dreadful on 1 1 Comments
Staff Decision & Valentine's Day Contest Update
Good morning Spectres, Happy March! Dotster here, with just a couple quick updates to keep you guys in the loop.

We on Staff received another application near the end of last week, for our available Supervisor positions; which puts our count at five applicants, now. We initially decided to open for 2 to 3 positions, since our demand isn't astronomical currently and we don't want a surplus of Staff members. However, that is still somewhat up to change since all of us have been quite impressed with each applicant we have received.

Obviously we didn't announce the new hires over the weekend, but that's due to the newest application and our desire to give everyone a fair review. Later this week, likely the end of the week or through the weekend, we will finish our reviews on the applications and make our decision public. Thank you to all our applicants, for your application as well as being flexible and patient as we get our last applications in.

Again, we are not closing the applications as of now and are always encouraging any interested to come and apply. It's been a truly humbling and wonderful experience for us on Staff, to see the turnout for those of you who want to have a hand in helping the Archive run. Thank you.

Second on the list, as most of you are likely aware, our Valentine's Day Contest wrapped the first weekend of March. We had only one contestant for it, and so we will do as we have done in the past. Our sole participant will receive the contest prizes, and later on this week I will be hosting a voting option for previous Contest winners to help decide on what you'd like shipped in your prize packages. Keep your eye out for the poll, as it will absolutely have bearing on what you receive in your packages.

From there I will also be collecting your addresses for shipping them to you. Thank you for your patience in regard to the prize aspect of the Contests, I personally really appreciate it. Hopefully when the packages get to you, it will have been worth the wait and certainly reward enough for you taking part in our effort to keep the Community active and prospering.

Once we announce our new hires for Staff, we will be hosting a meeting and will come with plenty of updates for all of you--as well as the status of our next Contest. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with a member of Staff, or simply comment below.

You can find a hard copy version of this Newsletter here.

Thank you, and have a great week!

--Madame Dreadful on 1 4 Comments
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